Colorado’s Manor House is situated just west of Denver in the beautiful foothills. Though the breathtaking views are nothing to gawk at, the venue’s authentic old-world class holds its own as far as beauty is concerned. But most beautiful of all was Lindsey, as happy as could be, in her Anna Be gown, and surrounded by her loved ones. And Zach’s joyful tears upon seeing his bride were pure wedding photography gold. Lindsey and Zach decked The Manor House in Bella Lu Floral arrangements adding to the romance of the location. Every single face we met was smiling and every single word kind at this wonderful wedding. If this summer wedding is a sign of things to come, we know that Lindsey and Zach will have a marriage full of love, joy, and beauty!001-lindsey-zach-wedding003-lindsey-zach-wedding 004-lindsey-zach-wedding 005-lindsey-zach-wedding 006-lindsey-zach-wedding008-lindsey-zach-wedding010-lindsey-zach-wedding013-lindsey-zach-wedding 014-lindsey-zach-wedding016-lindsey-zach-wedding 017-lindsey-zach-wedding 018-lindsey-zach-wedding 019-lindsey-zach-wedding 020-lindsey-zach-wedding 021-lindsey-zach-wedding 022-lindsey-zach-wedding 023-lindsey-zach-wedding 024-lindsey-zach-wedding 025-lindsey-zach-wedding 027-lindsey-zach-wedding031-lindsey-zach-wedding 033-lindsey-zach-wedding 034-lindsey-zach-wedding 037-lindsey-zach-wedding 038-lindsey-zach-wedding 039-lindsey-zach-wedding 041-lindsey-zach-wedding 043-lindsey-zach-wedding 044-lindsey-zach-wedding 045-lindsey-zach-wedding 046-lindsey-zach-wedding 047-lindsey-zach-wedding 048-lindsey-zach-wedding 049-lindsey-zach-wedding 052-lindsey-zach-wedding 053-lindsey-zach-wedding056-lindsey-zach-wedding060-lindsey-zach-wedding 061-lindsey-zach-wedding 062-lindsey-zach-wedding 064-lindsey-zach-wedding 068-lindsey-zach-wedding 069-lindsey-zach-wedding 079-lindsey-zach-wedding