Irving photography takes a modern approach to capturing romance. Our photos are romantic, whimsical, and fun. Our unique style of wedding photography is deeply influenced by your story. We work closely with you to document your most cherished moments and to create a singular artistic representation of your romance. We do this through a combination of photojournalism and minimally posed magazine-inspired sessions that convey your unique style. In the end, we want you to look at your wedding photos and feel the emotions you felt on that day, to taste your champagne again, and to again hear the laughter of your loved ones.


I’m a detail-focused, lover of art and music. The technicalities of photography excite me like nothing else can! And yet, wedding day vows almost always get me choked up. To me, wedding photography is so much more than taking pictures – wedding photography is the documentation of candid moments that happen once. A wedding day is a big, beautiful puzzle that I get to piece together. A puzzle, that when assembled, becomes a living memory of the best moments of your life.



I’m obsessed with wedding details – not only because they’re beautiful or sparkly or lacy or expensive – I love wedding details because I know they’re visual representations of you as a couple. They are like illustrations in the storybook of your wedding day; while your smiles and kisses are the narration, your details set the scene.  And together, your candid moments and gorgeous trinkets weave your own matchless romance.


Often Asked Questions

How do we reserve you for our wedding date?

We require a 50% retainer to lock us down for your wedding date! We only book a single event per day.

Why do you limit the number of weddings you shoot each year?

Our photography philosophy includes the belief that to do our best work for each client, we need to have ample time with which to focus on every single couple. This allows us the availability to address a variety of client needs and to spend the time required to produce the highest qualities images.

What's with all the black & white pictures?

We feel that black & white is timeless and beautiful. So, we deliver all images in both color and black & white for you to decide!

Do we have to pay for the rights to our files?

No way! The images that we created for your special day are your memories. You have full rights to your images and are free to share, print, archive, and use them any way you wish!

Are you covered by liability insurance?

Yes we are! You can never be too prepared; and we are covered!

What is your turnaround time?

We believe you should have your pictures quickly! We deliver both wedding and engagement photos within 30 days of the event!

Will you travel out of state for my wedding?

Of course! We charge a flat-rate and we’ll book our own flights and accommodations… so that you can focus on other wedding planning.