Anastasia’s Colorado Bridal Photos

For these Colorado Bridal Photos our bride Anastasia was stunning in her wedding gown! We were obviously giddy that she wanted a “trash the dress” session (though we tried not to trash it too much). What we did get to do, though, was capture this gorgeous Colorado bride in stunning foothills scenery. Anastasia’s dreamy look was accomplished with her subtly beaded and lacy Sophia Tolli gown and her effortless, yet chic brunette waves. Even the birds wanted to have a look at this bride’s breathtaking beauty as they swept past her (obviously in awe). 001-anastasia-bridal-photos 002-anastasia-bridal-photos 003-anastasia-bridal-photos 004-anastasia-bridal-photos 005-anastasia-bridal-photos 006-anastasia-bridal-photos 007-anastasia-bridal-photos 008-anastasia-bridal-photos 009-anastasia-bridal-photos 010-anastasia-bridal-photos 011-anastasia-bridal-photos 012-anastasia-bridal-photos 013-anastasia-bridal-photos 014-anastasia-bridal-photos 015-anastasia-bridal-photos 016-anastasia-bridal-photos 017-anastasia-bridal-photos 018-anastasia-bridal-photos 019-anastasia-bridal-photos 020-anastasia-bridal-photos 021-anastasia-bridal-photos 022-anastasia-bridal-photos 023-anastasia-bridal-photos 024-anastasia-bridal-photos 025-anastasia-bridal-photosgallery-forward-new