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Wedding Lenses

Our Starting Lineup

Selecting lenses for a wedding photography studio or any type of photography studio will most certainly shape the studio’s style more than any other decisions.  Plenty can be said for lighting, composition and a myriad of other factors that contribute to the final image.  However, the gear needs to create a look that we as photographers find aesthetically pleasing. Our clients rely on our experience in this department, so we must trial and error many pieces of gear before we land on the perfect system for each of us.

Our lens collection is always growing and improving, therefore we have broken it into a few different sections.  Our lineup of lenses changed very dramatically at the beginning. However, once we settled on a system that we loved the changes were made much less frequently.  As new lenses come out today it causes major ripples throughout our entire photography bag and sometimes this change is great. Below you will find our starting lineup, these are our workhorse lenses and we take them with us to all events.

[image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” image=”21792″ title=”Canon 24mm L MarkII” title_size=”40″ link=””]

Excellent Wide-angle

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” image=”21818″ title=”Canon 35mm L” title_size=”40″ link=””]

Canon’s Top 35mm Lens

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” image=”24370″ title=”Canon 35mm L II” title_size=”40″]

Coming Soon

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” title_tag=”h2″ icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”yes” image=”24337″ title=”ZEISS 55mm Otus” title_size=”40″ link=””]

One Lens to Rule Them All

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”yes” image=”21800″ title=”Canon 85mm L” title_size=”40″ link=””]

Canon’s Best Portrait

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” title=”Canon 100 L Macro” title_size=”40″ link=”” image=”21796″]

Canon’s Top Macro Lens

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” image=”21799″ title=”Canon 135mm” title_size=”40″ link=””]

Amazing Sharpness

[/image_with_text_over][image_with_text_over layout_width=”one_fourth” icon_size=”fa-lg” separator=”no” image=”21798″ title=”Canon 200mm L II” title_size=”40″ link=””]

Incredible Distance


Wedding Lens Reviews by Vendor

Our Reviews by Manufacturer

Looking for only a certain vendor of lens maker? These pages are,devoted to the wedding lenses that we have owned and loved in the past for each vendor.  Our main objective in this section is to shine light on an already difficult gear decision through our experience.

[image_with_text_over image=”24643″ link=””]

Read our reviews of Canon Lenses


[image_with_text_over image=”24642″ link=””]

Read our reviews of ZEISS Lenses