Stephanie and Josh are adventurous types with big appetites for fun! They love backpacking, camping, hiking, skiing, and everything else that takes place in Colorado’s enchanting Rocky Mountains. Stephanie and Josh seamlessly pulled off what every couple strives to do: to capture their personalities in one party and make sure their family and friends have a blast .Stephanie and Josh wanted their guests to feel at ease and to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, creating a warm, romantic, and inviting feeling while keeping the evening relaxed.

Their wedding day took place at Mary’s Lake Lodge, amongst Rocky Mountain beauty and in one of Colorado’s most beloved mountain towns. Their Estes Park nuptials embraced the rustic allure of pine trees, wildflowers, and even the unpredictable rain showers. In fact, the sea of white umbrellas created a charming ceremony scene.

Cocktail hour Hammerschlagen added quite the element of adventure! This game includes an airborne hammer, a tree stump, construction nails, and (in this case) a lacy wedding dress. And, Stephanie was really good at it! Wondering what else Stephanie is really good at? She is an amazing saxophone player! She took the stage mid-evening to serenade her guests with a rockin sax tune. Josh added his own flair with some impressive dance moves as the evening wore on.

Josh and Stephanie’s warm, spirited mountain wedding seemed the perfect start to their next adventure and their future adventures are sure to follow.