Yes, it was technically summer, but Colorado doesn’t always like to follow the rules. Like a defiant toddler, a snowstorm rolled in on the day of Blake and Michele’s Boettcher Mansion wedding. The snow may have broken seasonal procedures, but it certainly was beautiful. As was so eloquently stated in my all time favorite wedding film Father of the Bride, “Thank god snow is white.” There’s no better wedding color.

The unseasonal weather certainly worried our detail oriented bride (I mean, what bride wouldn’t be caught off guard)? But despite the summer cold and snow, Blake and Michele’s wedding went off without a hitch – no pun intended. Michele’s stunning Anna Be gown, the couple’s bicycle wheel archway, and even the chilly outdoor ceremony location were picture perfect. I doubt the guests even felt the chill with all the warmth and love going around! Our hearts were especially warmed when the brand new couple planted a tree together. And they didn’t stop there… the bride and groom’s moms had brought soil from their childhood gardens to add to the infant tree. Undoubtedly, this wedding tree also accumulated a hint of wedding day snow to add to the sentimental richness of its soil.

What really made this wedding special was how special each item was to the couple. Being avid bicyclists, the couple decorated their ceremony to match. One of Michelle’s friends is partial owner of the bridal shop at which she found her once-in-a-lifetime dress. And our luck at having the opportunity to create Boettcher Mansion wedding photography represented their love for everything Colorado. The reception was complete with heirloom tomatoes and local beer. Needless to say, the remainder of the evening was filled with drinking, dancing, and fun. Summer snow couldn’t stop Blake and Michele from having the wedding of their dreams. At least it’s white!Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-003 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-005 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-007 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-008 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-014 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-015 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-016 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-017 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-018 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-019 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-020 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-021 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-022 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-023 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-024 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-025Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-028 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-029 Michelle-Blake-Denver-Wedding-030