Wedding Photographer Colorado – Kevin and Laura’s Colorado Wedding

I never imagined what a stunning bride my childhood best friend, Laura, would grow up to be. Never, while listening to Celine Dion in her bedroom did I picture her in a gorgeous white gown. Not once, while eating Top Ramen, and watching the newly released Austin Powers, did I imagine her walking down the isle toward the man of her dreams. Yes, we thought about future boyfriends… and I always knew how sweet and silly she was. But, the inner and outer beauty of Laura on her wedding day were unimaginable.

This entire wedding was so full of delight and affection; we couldn’t hide it from our shots if we had tried. Laura’s easy humor, along with her attention to detail and warm nature, immediately draw you in. Kevin’s gregarious laughter and witty jokes leave you feeling as though you’ve known him for years. This amazing couple, paired with their warm and fun-loving group of family and friends, created the liveliest vibe we’ve ever experienced at a wedding.

And, as a Wedding Photographer Colorado it doesn’t get much better than this. As if the state knew how fabulous Kevin and Laura are, the sun drenched their evening ceremony, as if painted in just for the benefit of our photos. The ceremony was full of delight and sentiment, the reception packed with fun – just the way a wedding should be.

We don’t listen to Celine Dion anymore, and I don’t know about Laura, but I haven’t watched Austin Powers in years. We hadn’t even seen each other since heading off to college. But, despite my lack of imagination, where Laura as a future bride was concerned, I was certainly not surprised. I was not surprised by how gorgeous she looked in a white gown, by the fantastic woman she’s become, nor by her exceptional choice in husband (I don’t think you could find a groom more fun loving or more kind than Kevin). Deep down I always knew these things would happen for Laura, because she deserves it. As Celine Dion always says, “Love comes to those who believe it. And that’s the way it is.
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