Korby and Kerstyn love Colorado. They love the scenery and they love the adventures they can take in this colorful state’s wilderness. That’s why The Wild Horse Inn at Devil’s Thumb was the perfect venue for their August nuptials. The location’s elegant cabin feel and gorgeous outdoor ceremony site highlighted Colorado’s natural beauty like the early evening sun on a photographer’s subject (which became much more than a literary technique later in the evening). The moment we arrived at this scenic spot, we could tell that Korby and Kerstyn were written all over it – especially with Kerstyn’s sweet and playful details sprinkled (generously) throughout the inn’s grounds.  There were perfectly natural wildflower centerpieces, twinkling candles dangling above tables, and even “Mr.” and ”Mrs.” cake forks.

Given Korby and Kerstyn’s love for the outdoors, we knew that their outdoor ceremony was of the utmost importance to this couple. We couldn’t wait to get shots of them drenched in the golden mountain sunlight! But, as the last bits of makeup were being applied and the final few ties being straightened, the rain clouds rolled in- heavily smudging out all sunlight and assuring momentary rain.  That was when we picked up the pace in an attempt to complete the ceremony prior to downfall- thus is the nature of photography in Colorado!

Despite the lack of sun, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I mean, you can’t really make Korby and Kerstyn look bad nor can you damper the natural splendor of the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, the rain started before the ceremony was completed. And thanks to the wetness and wind, the candle lighting ceremony was impossible! The wicks just wouldn’t light. To the delight of all guests and photographers alike, Korby and Kerstyn laughed the whole time. We could all see that this gorgeous couple will make it through both good times and bad… and with smiles on their facesKerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-003 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-004 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-005 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-006Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-008Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-013 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-014 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-015 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-016 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-017 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-018Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-022 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-023 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-024 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-025 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-026 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-027 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-029 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-030Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-020-1 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-019 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-032Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-031 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-033 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-035 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-036 Kerstyn-Korby-Colorado-Wedding-038