Searching for tall grass and wildflowers is certainly an enjoyable adventure, but with some very interesting obstacles to overcome. There were many beautiful moments, and some silly ones too. But in the end, it was Colorado’s natural beauty and our couple’s sense of fun that made this engagement session one of our favs.

Our gorgeous couple met in South Dakota, where they attended school, and dated for 9 years before Korby proposed. Kerstyn loves wildflowers and nature, and so does Korby. In fact, Korby is a Wildlife Biologist! We knew we would begin with photos at Clear Creek Canyon, where Korby proposed. This went smoothly, as the loving couple reminisced their first moments as an engaged couple. When it came to the wildflower and a tall grass/meadow look near Clear Creek Canyon, we had to put in some legwork. But, for any Colorado Engagement Session, we were happy to explore our beautiful state! Mathew went out for a day of scouting and found the perfect location… a gorgeous landscape of wildflowers and Colorado grasses, with a Rocky Mountain backdrop. When we arrived at this location, we were struck by the beauty, but quickly realized there would be some small drawbacks to the location. First off, there were cactuses everywhere. Secondly, the picturesque meadows deposited sticky yellow pollen all over us (I had the worst allergies of my life after this shoot). But worse, there were cow pies dotted throughout our beautiful meadow… there was pretty much one every other step. Needless to say, we gingerly stepped through the terrain of thorns and waste to arrive at our desired posing spots.

The best part was how Kerstyn and Korby not only rolled with the punches, but enjoyed every minute of it! They nimbly avoided all obstacles with smiles on the faces! They even had a bit of fun as Korby perched on a tiny rock, with Kerstyn in his lap in order to avoid sitting on any of the above-mentioned natural land mines.   In the end, this engagement session was an adventure that Mathew and I will always remember fondly.  We Colorado engagement photographers get to have all the fun – we certainly had fun with these good-natured nature lovers!