It goes without saying that Jaimie is a beautiful bride. She also happens to have impeccable style. And here’s the kicker – Jaimie is as sweet and kind is she is gorgeous. As Colorado wedding photographers, we couldn’t have asked for a better bridal portrait subject! It also didn’t hurt to be in Colorado’s foothills with the Rocky Mountains as backdrop and grassland meadows as stage. Jaimie wanted a whimsical portrait session, in which she could incorporate a variety of wedding-related attire with our state’s natural splendor.

Jaimie chose to use her bridal hairpiece as the focal point of our styling. And what a lovely choice it was. The delicate beading and floral design was the perfect compliment to the natural elements around us and the exquisite beauty and poise of Jaimie, herself. She began in her bridal shower dress – a dress she had found at a vintage shop some time before her wedding, not knowing when she’d get the chance to wear such a dress. She was taken by its flawless detailing and that it happened to fit her perfectly! It turned out to be the perfect little white dress for her bridal shower. As a matter of fact, it was originally a wedding dress! It also turned out to be the perfect dress for our vintage-whimsy-chic bridal portraits. The floral stitching and handcrafted details on this ivory gown were gorgeous and the sheer cotton dreamily caught the evening light.

As the sun began to set behind Colorado’s purple peaks, Jaimie changed into a crocheted maxi, creating an ethereal silhouette, which again complimented her wedding day hairpiece. In this lovely dress, she looked as if she belonged in the glistening woods and amongst the white flowered meadow.  Jaimie’s vintage aesthetic, attention to detail, and her natural outer and inner beauty made capturing these whimsical photographs a piece of cake.

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