You can tell just from glancing at this couple’s wedding photos that they are sweet, fun loving, and oh-so-in-love! Brienna and Taylor’s exuberant day in Denver, Colorado was one to remember.

Our first Denver restaurant wedding, we couldn’t help but be impressed with the extra spark the venue added to this already charming pair. Ace Eat and Serve sits along Denver’s popular Uptown dining stretch and offers Asian comfort foods in their hip, urban venue which repurposes recycled materials as decor. Plus, it’s Denver’s only ping pong hall… and seriously, who doesn’t like ping pong?

Brienna and Taylor made the unique space their own with twinkle lights along the exposed brick walls and custom chalkboard signs. Their burnt orange, blush, and golden yellow accents echoed the warm and cheerful vibe of the couple themselves. And, their guests were just as cheery – adding a surprise confetti popper “shower” on the dance floor at the end of the night!

With a few cityscape shots employing downtown Denver as backdrop, Brienna and Taylor’s uniquely beautiful wedding wound to an end. Though the big day is over, it’s clear that this couple’s genuine happiness will stick around for good.