065-Aly-Brandon-WeddingAly & Brandon mixed the perfect amounts of tradition, love, and good old fun for their Leadville, Colorado wedding! The day began on Brandon’s family property. And this location had it all: mountain views, lush trees, and meaningful sentiment. Aly’s long-sleeved, lace gown from Denver’s Emma and Grace fit her like a glove. Her feet stayed comfy in beautiful flip flops, which she had her bridesmaids sign as they were getting ready (we just adore this idea!) And while the bridesmaids stunned in their two-tone gowns, the guys looked hip and rustic in sea-foam bowties with leather suspenders. This wedding party certainly had style! Despite the fun this lively group had throughout the day, the sweet moments were no less moving… Aly’s first look with her grandfather was what memories are made of. And yet, their ring bearer wasn’t far away… roaring at the camera, since he was (in fact) a ring¬†bear. We’ve never before seen a little guy so excited for a wedding day! Later, the wedding party (they took the “party” title quite to heart) boarded a party bus and took full advantage of the fun to be had aboard. With blush beer cozies and rustic-romantic wood and baby’s breath details decking their reception site, this couple knows that opposites certainly do attract.
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