Ali & Gavin put a gorgeous mountain wedding together. With the splendor of The Rockies as backdrop and their meaningful “Berry” theme, these two wowed everyone in attendance; even this wedding photographer duo. This lovely couple is now officially Mr. & Mrs. Berry… which they cleverly used as inspiration for their color scheme, favors, and table names. Adorable! The gondola ride to the top of a steep Keystone peak set the scene for guests as they gazed out windows at cobalt mountaintops and evergreen slopes. The Berrys even provided sunglasses for all in attendance – you know how the sun can be when you’re at high altitude!

Ali looked like a walking wedding magazine cover in her Haley Page gown and shoes from local boutique, Anna-Be and Bella Lu created stunning berry blooms for the occasion. Keystone resorts took care of the cake, beverages, and fare, while Skyline Productions kept the party going all night long. These two had a “Berry” beautiful day indeed.

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