Ali and Brian’s lightheartedness found its way into every detail at their Della Terra Mountain Chateau wedding.

“We want our guests to feel natural, excited and having a great time. The look we’re seeking is whimsical, botanical, relaxed and surrounded by nature. Music is a pillar of our relationship and we want to capture those musical details. We are excited about looking out and seeing all of the people we love and care about witnessing our union and then having a great time celebrating with them!”

Between their tasteful Harry Potter details to Brian’s live musical performance, no one really even noticed all the rain! The love between Ali and Brian is palpable. On their first date, they closed down a restaurant over pizza and beers, chatting until they had to leave. Six years later, Brian took Ali back to that very restaurant to propose! The two love to ski and snowboard, camp, travel, and (of course) Harry Potter.

The best way to sum up Ali and Brian is with a cliche: you can see happiness written all over them.