The Ice Light by Wescott

The force is strong with this one!

The Ice Light from Wescott is something new that we just were dying to get our hands on.  While it’s certainly a very pricey flashlight we love it and here’s why.  It gives us additional window light everywhere!  On wedding days we carry it with us for details, getting ready, dancing and any other light instances and wedding photographer might need. Of course walking grandma safely to her ride at the end of the evening is another huge perk!

While it carries the Wescott name it was the brain child of legendary Australian born wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis!  You know the guy right?  He wins WPPI awards all the time. So much in fact that WPPI made him part of the judging process. Not only is he a renowned photographer, but he’s also hilarious and has lots of knowledge to bestow. He took his knowledge of photography and lighting and created the idea of the Ice Light in collaboration with the engineers at Wescott.

To hear Jerry tell it, he had designed the Ice Light’s vertical orientation to mimic the light cast from a large window.  However, if you ask us the real reason is he and the marketing team at Wescott knew that the Ice Light with its Jedi light saber look would be a big hit with photographers.  If you watch the promotional video that Wescott and Jerry created you might just been amused to death.  All joking aside it performs extremely well and we love ours.


Easy to Setup

Easy to carry for an entire wedding day

It casts a very flattering light



Extremely short battery life

Expensive Accessories & No CTO Gel included


Daylight balanced & Tungsten Gel

The Ice Light is balanced between 5200 – 5400K making it an awesome fill in daylight hours.  The latest LED technology also offers flicker free operation so you can use any shutter speed without worrying about banding!  We also purchased the tungsten CTO gel for the ice light.  We were a little taken aback by the fact that the gel did not come with the light given its rather exuberant cost.  However, their are situations mainly indoors and at sunset were having more orange is advantageous.


Travel and Studio Use

The case that comes with the Ice Light is just fantastic.  It really works perfectly and with it’s velcro belt attachment and rings we quickly retrofitted it to work with our belt systems.  It’s also very light and easy to carry along anywhere. Another feature that wasn’t considered at the time of purchase, was its built in tripod mount.  This makes it a very good tool in studio situations.  If connected to a tripod or light stand it can stay perfectly were you position it.  It also can plug it into the wall for permanent power!

Weaknesses and Final thoughts

The battery life is certainly the achilles heal of the ice light.  It is rated to run only 60 minutes.  We always return from a wedding with no batteries remaining in our Ice Light.  It does however support fast charging and can be completely resuscitated in two and a half hours.  The Ice Light in some conditions is a game changer and has become so ingrained in our workflow that we wouldn’t consider parting with it now that we’ve used it.  It’s so quick and easy to setup and gets us just the lighting we want, hassle free!  Now that we’ve owned ours we won’t shoot weddings without and feel it’s a very useful tool that every photographer should investigate.

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