Wash Park Engagement – Anthony & Amanda

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

Amanda and Anthony are such sweet lovebirds! Not only did they meet at Catholic School, but also, their love story is based on a solid friendship. Amanda and Anthony were friends for a whole year before they started dating. However, that is not the most adorable part of their sweet love story… they are saving their first kiss for their wedding day. Wow, talk about love. Talk about ideal. Talk about ROMANTIC! Both Amanda and Anthony are full of smiles and energy- they are what you see in their Wash Park engagement photos– so in love, so happy, and so much fun.

I (Ariel) could not attend this Denver engagement photography session, as I was out of town, but the photographic outcome blew me away when I returned home from Houston, TX on Sunday night. This couple’s happiness and innocent love starred in these stills. It seemed to me that even the sun came out just perfectly to highlight the love that Amanda and Anthony so obviously feel for each other. And I may be a bit biased, by my husband certainly can take a good photo… or twenty! I just hope Amanda and Anthony love their pictures as much as I love their Denver engagement photography pics!

As it has been relayed to me, this Denver engagement photography session began in the late afternoon at Wash Park – one of Denver’s most beloved scenic locations. Mathew, Amanda, and Anthony took advantage of Washington Park’s ancient trees, glistening lake, and the couple’s converse shoes. I mean, how much more epic can you get than Denver engagement photography of two pairs of converse the couple will be wearing on their wedding day, on two sets of feet (those feet, by the way are totally in love with each other), and Colorado’s gorgeous setting sun. Those converse look epic. You cannot disagree. It’s just true. And another thing’s for sure- Mathew and I can’t wait to document the very first kiss of this very sweet couple in just a few short months.

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