Trevor-Jackie-Engagement | Denver Engagement Photographers

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

As two Denver Engagement Photographers, Mathew and I appreciate a warm February day downtown. We also enjoy cute couples so totally in love that they just can’t stop looking at each other. Just think about it – every time you see a couple so in love that your heart leaps, what are they doing? They are dopily and lovingly gazing at each other. Our engagement session with the adorable Jackie and the hilarious Trevor provided us with both. The sun was shining on this winter day and our couple was so determinately gazing into each other’s eyes, that they almost didn’t realize that two Denver engagement photographers were documenting their every move!

We began our engagement session at the versatile and centrally located Commons Park, where we enjoyed hearing the romantic tale of how our tremendously cute couple met at a bar… this LOL story was complete with bar names of disguise, spontaneous breaking out into bar anthems, and that moment – the moment when two people lock eyes in a crowded bar and just know. Jackie and Trevor may have met at a bar, but their story is nothing short or romantic. Two Denver engagement photographers couldn’t be presented with much more inspiration than that!

Our next stop was for a quick pick-me-up at Ink. Side note; Ink’s vanilla latte is AMAZING! Our coffee break allowed Mathew and I to learn even more about this charming couple. We found out that Trevor has a big family… a big family that likes to partay!!! Great future reception shots? Check. We also learned that Jackie is planning a vintage inspired wedding that sounded almost as romantic as their story of boy meets girl! Ahhhhh… we could hardly ask for more.

Our final stop was Denver’s Byron White Courthouse. This beautiful location provided a perfect canvas for the early evening sun and our cute-as-can-be couple. They maintained their resolve to google eye each other until the very last shot. Adorable.  And Mathew and I went home two happy Denver engagement photographers ourselves. We are so very fortunate to have each and every engagement session remind us of what love is all about – googly eyes. It’s true.

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