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Taylor and Del’s Engagement Photography Denver

Daylight savings has arrived! Yes, our eyelids drooped as we guzzled our morning coffee… in the dark. And yes, the practice is based on outdated lighting systems. But come Tuesday after the time shift, we were feeling thankful for the extra evening light. For engagement photography Denver is simply the best and an extra hour of Colorado sun is the golden icing on the mile high cake.

Taylor and Dell arrived at Commons Park on this beautiful evening with their adorable pups in tow. They strolled toward us like models on a runway – that is, if models strutted two at a time, gazing at each other, fuzzy bundles of cuteness trailing behind, and brilliant smiles on their faces. I take that back; models on runways normally wear disgruntled expressions and occupy their walkway single-handedly. Taylor and Dell radiated happiness, occupying their space together – hand in hand, with a trail of space for their equally cheerful pooches.

This gorgeous couple met about 2 years ago when out on the town with friends. It’s no wonder they attracted each other. They both have smiles to die for and vivacious personalities to match. Their Jamaica destination wedding will suit them perfectly, just like their flawlessly selected attire. Del was the picture of dapper in his Moda Man apparel and Taylor’s trendy chic Nordstrom selections captured her poised yet lively personality.

We spent our extra daylight savings hour strolling through downtown, discussing life, food, and travel – stopping every now and then for a romantic snapshot or two [or three or fifty]. This couple was natural in front of the camera, allowing their love for each other to emanate from every move they made. Taylor and Del’s romantic-chic downtown shoot just goes to show that a small struggle on Monday morning can become an extra hour of dreamy beauty come Tuesday evening.

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