Sara & Lee’s Colorado Engagement Photos

Sara and Lee set out for a ten-hour drive in preparation for their Colorado engagement photos. As they sped along the highways, they peered out their car windows to see miles and miles of cacti and sand. Sara is my gorgeous cousin, and Lee is her strapping fiancé… Mathew and I had been looking forward to this shoot for months!

Hailing from Roswell, New Mexico, this couple dreamed of Colorado’s colorful scenery for their save the date cards… not to mention Mathew’s romantic wedding engagement photography. Unfortunately, this cute duo hit some road bumps along the way.

The first debacle of their trip occurred when their car broke down just outside of Denver. Luckily, they made it in to town and got their car to a shop. But who wants to start their engagement shoot weekend off like that? No one, of course! Fortunately, Sara and Lee proceeded with their weekend with smiles on their faces. Then, the worst of the worst occurred. You must know that Roswell, despite its charm, doesn’t offer the very finest in attire… so Sara planned to shop in our fabulous city upon her arrival. That, too, went amiss. Sara couldn’t find the outfit she had in mind. The final straw was that Sara wasn’t feeling well (I thought it might be a symptom of the broken car, or failed shopping trip), but as our engagement session wore on, I could tell that she was really feeling under the weather.

Luckily, these two are such troopers you wouldn’t even know the hardships they faced on the engagement shoot weekend! Their loving gazes hid all unhappiness, and their sweetness buried all worries. Sara and Lee may not have ended up with the romantic, carefree weekend they had in mind, but their fantastic attitudes and love for one another pulled them through. And we must say, we’re very happy with the final product! Every shot is filled with romance, love, and style.


Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement001 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement002 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement003 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement004 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement005 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement006 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement007 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement008 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement009 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement010 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement011 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement012 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement013 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement014 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement015 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement016 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement017 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement018 Sara-Lee-Colorado-Engagement019gallery-forward-new