Richard & Steve’s Cheesman Park Engagement

Richard and Steve: Cheesman Park Engagement

This Denver couple is a busy pair- traveling from New York to Italy and back to The States again is simply a week in the life for these fiancés. Getting the opportunity to spend an evening with these two – a breath amongst the bustle – was quite a treat. And we are so glad we did. Our Cheesman Park engagement session couldn’t have been better.

Despite the torrential downpour that occurred the night before (when our shoot was originally scheduled), the autumn evening was warm yet crisp, golden yet lush. We couldn’t have asked for a better night, a better location, nor a better couple. Richard and Steve arrived dressed to the nines, in suits that fit like gloves. And better yet, this pair was natural in front of a camera. We simply stepped a few feet away, and they resumed their normal interactions; looking at each other as though it was their first date.

And I haven’t yet mentioned one of the most exciting parts about working with Richard and Steve… their wedding is in beautiful Santa Fe. This November, we’ll get to travel to the land of enchantment to document the union of these two lovers. I grew up visiting Santa Fe every year, since my Grandmother lived in an adobe home on the top of a Santa Fe hill. Yes, I had dodge cacti as I frolicked through her garden, and the centipedes were terrifying, but heading into town was magical. There’s nothing quite like Downtown Santa Fe at twilight. First of all, you just know you’re headed for the most delicious authentic Mexican- American meal you’ve set taste buds on. But more importantly the beautiful culture of art, food, and history saturate every adobe building, every jewelry shop, every handmade sopapilla.

Richard and Steve may travel the globe monthly. They may dine on the finest cuisine available. They may even have the most dapper suits we’ve ever seen in person. But more importantly, they get to marry the love of their lives this November in a town worthy of them. This will be one stunning, enchanting wedding.

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