Ona Prince Stree

ONA Leather Prince Street

The ONA Leather Prince Street Bag and I meet just in time for a brand new season! Spring is in full bloom, here in the Mile High City and what better time to invest in a new bag? For me this one is exactly what my heart has been yearning for, a timeless, durable and beautiful bag that just gets better looking with age. Unlike most professional camera bags made from black nylon that invoke the swat team look, this bag has a more endearing and fashionable style to it. I like to think I won it from Indiana Jones in a back ally game of poker in Delhi!

Every photography adventure benefits from such a durable and well made bag. The bag itself is superbly stitched and has a crafted artisan feel to it. The internal foam is very soft and the inner dividers allow for adjustability of the internal space. Resulting in all the conveniences of a modern camera bag, while retaining stylish look. With it’s old baseball mitt feel, it immediately makes me nostalgic while filling it up for the day’s shoot. The bag does lack small luxuries, such as pen or memory card holders, but these niceties are hardly required.

Another great benefit of owning a bag like this is its ability to blend in. Having a fashionably stated bag make you look less like a professional photographer. This is great for the traveling photographer or street photographer that doesn’t wish to stick out. This could literally save you from theft in large cities or parts unknown when traveling with expensive gear. It’s also worth noting that this bag is quite small in overall size. Its small size was its largest appeal for me! Having this size limitation really forces me to carry less and reduces my daily payload.

Ona Prince Leather Detail

Style & Function

Obviously the big appeal of this bag is the look. It has the classic messenger stylings and the feel of the leather is of the highest quality. For these luxuries the cost is pretty significant at $389USD at the time of this writing. This is quite an expensive bag when compared to other more general camera bags. But, you really do get what you pay for and this bag is undoubtably made to last.

Not only does this bag look good, it also does everything required and quite well. I was certainly a little concerned about how it would hold up in serious Colorado weather. However, having used it in both snowy and rainy conditions (typical Colorado spring), I can attest to its ability to shield the gear from the elements. The bag itself has two flaps on the top that fold in to prevent general wetness from entering, when its closed. The bag also has very tight closing clasps that ensure the equipment is nestled securely in the bag.

Ona Prince Leather Full

Size & Weight

While it’s a small bag, and its use was generally designed for rangefinder shooters or small mirror-less users, it can accommodate a DSLR quite well. In fact my most common traveling studio fits perfectly consisting of an 11 inch MacBook Air (traveling computer), Canon 6D, with 35mm L, 85mm L and 135mm L lenses snugly. However, this does add up to a weighty load at roughly 13 pounds. This much weight can add up on a day of shooting with any bag. Fortunately, the strap is also quite adjustable and provides comfort on a long day of shooting with its additional padding. It also features a removable carrying strap. We typically go without this optional piece, but it can be very handy when traveling via airplane and being reattach-able is a great feature!

Ona Prince Street Leather

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a bag with more style than the typically black bag and don’t mind the slightly more exorbitant price tag, this might be the perfect fit for you. For me the high price tag is justified by the top quality materials and craftsmanship that certainly went into creating a bag of this caliber. While I do have other bags for other situations, I rarely ever leave the house without this one. Consider this stunning bag and it might be the last bag you buy.

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