Noel and John – Wash Park Engagement

We’ve done many a Wash Park engagement session. It goes without saying that Washington Park is a very sought after venue for portraits of all types. People choose the spot for its gorgeous trees or its picturesque lakes. Others might choose the location for its pretty flower garden or centralized locale. But in the case of Noel and John, this Denver hotspot was chosen for sentimental reasons. Noel and John spent one of their first dates in this popular park and have loved it ever since.

As we began strolling through the park, Noel spotted the Park’s gorgeous garden, where we snapped some rose-filled shots. No matter that Mathew and I we’re laying on goose poop to snag the perfect angle… it was totally worth it! The flora perfectly framed this couple’s romantic moment.

The next thing that caught this couple’s eye was a gaggle of geese. They thought it would be fun to playfully prance with the foul… unfortunately there were goslings in the pack. Yes, we all got hissed at. Not quite the playful shot we were going for, but entertaining nonetheless! Noel and John loved the geese so much they even gave it another go – this time with a gaggle sans goslings. There were far fewer angry geese the second time around.

As the sun began to set, we were sure to capture some shots near the water. There’s almost nothing more beautiful than a lake-reflected Colorado sunset. We also took advantage of this couple’s awesome dance moves! It turns out that Noel and John met while swing dancing. Of course, we had to have them dance on the edge of the golden lake. And it was lovely! We already know that this couple will have a memorable first dance at their August wedding.

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