Nicole and Jeff’s Weddings in Denver

Going into this weddings in Denver, we knew two things that made us very excited; 1) There would be an adorable Golden Retriever walking down the isle. 2) Nicole’s eye for detail and design were sure to produce some gorgeous wedding details. And we were right! We were not disappointed on either account. Bogie, Nicole and Jeff’s adorable copper-maned pup trotted happily down the isle. I’ve never heard a wedding crowd cheer so boisterously! Yes, Bogie was super confused as to why her mom and dad wouldn’t pay her any attention during the ceremony, but she was greatly rewarded with after-ceremony love… and of course, her favorite home-baked treats.

And as far as details are concerned, Nicole’s professional design experience served her extremely well.  The contrast between the sophisticated Tiffany blue and the chirpy yellow were the perfect compliments for each other. The gorgeous centerpieces and hand-made signs more than lived up to our lofty expectations. But what really impressed us were not the things we were already expecting, but those little moments that caught us off guard.

Jeff and Nicole had one of the sweetest rituals at their wedding that we have ever seen. The couple had chosen one of their very favorite bottles of wine for the occasion, and had a custom wine box made for it. The touching part wasn’t even the fancy wine (don’t get me wrong, a good glass of wine is always a touching experience), but what they put in the box alongside the bottle. Nestled next to the wine were two sealed envelopes. Each envelope contained an unread love letter to a future spouse. The plan is that Jeff and Nicole will open this box on their 5th anniversary, enjoy a glass of their favorite wine, and read love letters to each other – love letters written on their wedding day. If this doesn’t make you sigh a sigh made of pure romance, I don’t know what will.

Another unexpected touch; the toasts. As wedding photographers, Denver, CO has dished out many a nervous or un-practiced speech from a best man, maid of honor, or honored parent. But, not at Nicole and Jeff’s lovely affair. Nicole’s bridesmaids rewrote the words to the Dr. Suess book, Oh The Places You’ll Go. They even donned Suess hats! It was comical and kind-hearted. The perfect wedding speech combination. The best man’s speech was filled with simple love for the couple, and the same can be said for the parent speeches. It’s clear that many people love Nicole and Jeff, and that their love for each other will last far far longer than their delightful box of wine.

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