Nicole and Jeff’s Summer Engagement Photography

Nicole and Jeff’s Summer Engagement Photography

by Mathew Irving & Ariel Irving

We love Washington Park, and we really love a Washington Park Summer Engagement Photography session! Not only do we live mere miles from this iconic location, but it is also host to some of the most beautiful trees in Denver. And trees equal photographic beauty. Nicole and Jeff certainly didn’t hurt the beauty factor either! It is certainly a good life as an engagement photographer. Denver, CO is the perfect city with many perfect parks. We even enjoyed this shoot despite the early morning start.

We had been rescheduling Nicole and Jeff’s engagement session for weeks due to Colorado’s evening showers. We were planning on evening shots in the park, but after our third rain out, decided to take an early morning go at it. It was crisp and cool as we met our couple near the boathouse just after 6am… and there were no rain clouds in sight! There was just buttery morning light streaming through the park’s ancient trees. It was the perfect morning for photography.

We happily ambled around Wash Park’s perimeter, periodically pausing for a romantic shot of our fiancées. It felt almost as if we were on a leisurely morning stroll, rather than a photo shoot… both of which Mathew and I love. The morning only got better when Nicole and Jeff stopped back at their car to retrieve their Golden Retriever, Bogie. Bogie was the sweetest dog and a pro at posing for the camera! We discovered that Jeff brought Bogie into the relationship – Bogie has become the best of friends with Nicole’s cat – It is the perfect blended family.

Well, we had some sidewalk bumps along the way, and the rain clouds worked overtime to cause cancellation after cancelation. But, despite our difficulties with rescheduling, waking up alongside the sun, and the unpredictable task of including a canine in this shoot, Nicole and Jeff’s engagement session turned out to be a walk in the park.