Mad Men/Bond Inspired Session | Denver Portrait Photographer

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Mathew & Ariel Irving with Cougar Littlefield

When approached by Denver Actor, Cougar Littlefield, about doing a James Bond/Mad Men inspired photo shoot for his acting stills, I jumped at the opportunity! The idea of a classic and mysterious shoot got my creative juices flowing. But, what is Bond or a Mad man without his beautiful companion? We asked the talented actress and model, Brit Laree to join the mission, as his beautiful cohort for our day of espionage. Being (first and foremost) skilled in the ways of a Denver Wedding Photography, I immediately felt comfortable with this “couple” dynamic and we began the shoot. This Denver Portrait Photographer was determined to create photos that were more 60s/spy, and less engagement, I mapped out a story of intrigue to be set on the streets of Denver:

Our subjects begin by dining on oysters Rockefeller and slowly sipping gin martinis at The Four Seasons Hotel, while discussing their latest  ideas for the the upcoming Pan Am ad. The duo just can’t agree on the perfect ad campaign, so head out for a night on the town for some inspiration. As they stroll down the streets of The Mile High City, Cougar realizes that he had forgotten the microchip with the satellite spy GPS locations in the Mercedes at the FourSeasons. He and Brit are returning for the precious device, when Cougar notices a strange man with a gruesome scar across his right cheek peering at him over a 5280 magazine. Without missing a beat, Cougar grabs Brit by the hand, and gives it a gentle squeeze. He knows he has to play it cool but play it fast. At the sign of a gentle nod from our hero, they race through Downtown Denver with a speed of, well… a Cougar.

Stopping back at the hotel, they quickly recover the chip giving just enough time for another double martini – shaken not stirred. The chip is, of course, vital to the very fabric of the United States and Europe. They make it to the elevator, their hearts still pumping from the previous brush with trouble. But something is wrong. The elevator jerks. Cougar quickly pushes the button for the next floor and shoves the doors aside, grabbing Brit’s hand and running out of the hotel. Another narrow escape as a strange dark figure breaks through the elevator top screen and drops down. Their second escape is a close one, but their speed saves the duo again. The guy and dame get in the Mercedes and race to the Capital for a last minute delivery of their precious cargo. The day’s events have made them late, and the doors are locked. Brit, thinking quickly, calls her contact as Cougar watches the streets. Nothing to be alarmed of… yet. They wait patiently, overlooking the city as their contact brushes by and hands exchange items. They watch the man as he walks away. Brit gives a slight grin, it was the stranger chasing them, she whispers delicately in Cougar’s ear, “would have been easier to just give it to him.” Cougar and Brit walk hand in hand back to the Mercedes. He lights a cigerrete and smiles, “But that would have been no fun.” Brit pauses, as the perfect Pan Am ad floods into her mind’s eye. For the moment, she simply says, “fear stimulates my imagination”. And with a wink, they flee as the shoot comes to an end… another day in the life of a Denver Portrait Photographer on the trail of a Cougar.

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