Lisa & Ken’s Colorado Engagement Photography

Ken and Lisa are the perfect example of how opposites can attract – town mouse and country mouse in human form. Just like in the age-old fable, Lisa’s heart belongs in the city while Ken’s love is for the country. The biggest difference between the literary mice and our couple? The tale chronicles rodents with eyes only for food from their own favorite location. Lisa and Ken, on the other hand, have eyes only for each other.

So, with gazes trained lovingly on one another, we made our first stop at a country scene; complete with quaint bridges and a rustic barn. And because Lisa loves Ken so much, she happily lingered in the country, just to make him happy. They even brought their adorable pups for a few romantic shots. Luckily, neither pooch tracked down a field mouse for their afternoon snack.

As the sun began its decent behind the Rocky Mountains, we caravanned south to the heart of Denver. Our town mouse was in her element amongst the city lights and Larimer Square’s hustle and bustle. And in all honesty, I don’t think Ken even realized we had left the “country”. He just couldn’t take his eyes off of his beautiful fiancée.

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