Leigh & JD’s Washington Park Wedding

The ladies had powdered their noses, glossed their lips, and slipped on their heals. The gentlemen had straightened their ties and fastened their suspenders. Leigh and JD’s intimate Washington Park wedding had almost arrived. Leigh and I drove toward the Park’s lovely Mt. Vernon garden for their outdoor ceremony, admiring the beauty of the overcast afternoon as we approached.  It was one of those rare Denver days when moisture hung in the air… a Colorado anomaly when humidity embraces the foliage and intensifies the gorgeous green. Only one tiny problem burdened our minds; would it rain?

When you plan your nuptials at a famous Denver park, as Leigh and JD did, remaining out in the open is of the utmost importance. One wants to become man and wife amongst the ancient trees and manicured lawns. So, we crossed our fingers that the brimming clouds wouldn’t give way and rain on the couple’s parade (or wedding, as the case may be). The clouds continued to shield the midday sunrays and provide dreamy diffused light – complimenting the pastel-y cool hues of Leigh’s color palette – but did not release a torrent. This couple must have some fantastic karma built up!

Leigh and JD’s wedding went without a hitch (although they were getting hitched) – from their outdoor ceremony to their gastronomy-centered reception, these newlyweds had a delightful wedding day. Their wildflower centerpieces and brown paper boxes exuded bohemian elegance, while their themed beer coozies displayed the couple’s carefree nature. These lovebirds threw a great party and enjoyed every moment of it. We know that their positive karma will follow them as they continue their path as newlyweds – lovely light and green leaves… no rain.

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