Kevin & Laura’s Denver Engagement Photography

Kevin & Laura’s Denver Engagement Photography

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

Laura and Kevin are a very special couple! Laura was my BFF in middle school… We spent countless hours painting nails, snacking on Oreos, and telling each other our deepest, darkest pre-teen secrets. I went to her house for Christmas, and she celebrated Chanukkah at my place. We dideverything together! Yes, we even daydreamed about and discussed the type of man we might marry. We always knew the men we would marry had to be funny, sweet, and handsome. And Kevin fits the bill! Humorous, kind, and has a great smile. Now, 15 years later, I couldn’t be happier that my husband and I get to photograph Laura and Kevin’s very special day!

But lets not put the cart before the horse. First things first, and first thing is creating the perfect engagement photo. We knew that Laura loves the rustic-chic look, so decided to choose a whimsical outside location – complete with wagon wheels, romantic bridges, and tree-lined pathways. Parfet Park in Golden, Colorado was the perfect fit for this fun-loving couple. We even lucked out with a perfectly warm evening, amongst Colorado’s rainy/windy weather rollercoaster.

Laura and Kevin took full advantage of the beautiful day, cuddling, laughing, relaxing with an ice-cold beer, and even dancing in a meadow. By the way, Laura and Kevin are probably the cutest dancers in the entire world. Mathew had no trouble finding photographic inspiration with these two! Their happiness permeated every step of our engagement session. Once, I told Kevin to make Laura laugh, knowing that a man with such a superb sense of humor would have no trouble with the task; little did I know that all he would have to do was look at Laura to make her giggle on cue. Their laughter was infectious and they certainly have more than one adorably perfect engagement photo to choose from after such a successful session. I must say, as I always do, that my husband Mathew is the best photographer! And it can’t go unsaid how happy I am for Laura and Kevin. We just can’t wait to document their wedding day!

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