Kelly & Sarah’s – Denver Same Sex Wedding

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

Kelly and Sarah’s wedding was the first Denver Same Sex Wedding that we had the pleasure of photographing, but we are confident that it will not be our last. We have the privilege of living in the state of spacious skies, purple mountain majesty, and marriage equality! We are very proud of Colorado. And it served as the perfect venue for Kelly and Sarah’s outdoor ceremony. Kelly’s veil wafted in the mountain breeze, while Sarah’s minty oxford offset the mile high foliage.  And this couples’ vows were at least as beautiful as the Colorado scenery. Each bride captured their touching message so eloquently. I’m not sure that there was a dry eye on the lawn. Luckily, no one could see my teary eyes for the camera in front of my face!

This Denver same sex wedding held adorable surprises around every corner. The wedding favors displayed portraits of the couple’s beloved pups, while “doggy” bags were provided to quell each guest’s late night hunkering for delectable cookies. Kelly even handmade cake toppers in the likeness of the couple’s two dogs. This Denver same sex wedding was filled with quirky personal touches, overwhelming love… and dancing! Kelly and Sarah can bust a move! And their friends were no dancing slackers. The dance floor was filled with energy and some very impressive footwork. We are not only lucky to live in a state where marriage equality is valued, but also to photograph such a fun loving, fancy dancing, lovely couple.

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