Karin & Travis – Winter Wedding Engagement Photography

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

This winter wedding engagement photography session at the Evergreen Lake House was an on-call affair. Each time the clouds rolled in and the mercury dropped, team Irving was ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. We’re no medical emergency personnel. We’re certainly not natural disaster first responders – Karin and Travis, however, are medical first responders – makes sense that this on-call thing came so naturally to them. Although we may not be first responders in any way, shape or form, Mathew and I are here to make photography dreams come true – just a day in the life of Colorado engagement photographers!

Karin and Travis had visions of a winter wonderland engagement session to match their winter wonderland wedding next year, and we were determined to deliver! Many weekends passed, in which snow was promised to the Denver-Metro area, and just didn’t stick. Or, it would snow on a Wednesday and melt by the weekend. It was so foreign to be wishing for snow! Give this girl a 60-degree day and she is COLD! Nonetheless, we were all hoping for an epic weekend snowstorm. Sadly, none came. But, on-call photographers that we had become, when we heard about the snowfall in Evergreen this past weekend, we packed up our gear, and headed to the Evergreen Lake House Wedding Venue.
With the beautiful backdrop of the Evergreen Lake House and an ethereal dusting of glistening snow, this winter wonderland engagement shoot went as smoothly as a melted butter. Karin and Travis used the snow to their advantage, playing in it, walking through it, and even falling into it. Their playful dynamic and obvious affection for one another shines through their Evergreen engagement photos. We are so excited for their winter wonderland wedding next year. We can just imagine the sparkling snowflakes, icy blue hues, and the loving couple vowing to spend their life together… come snow or shine.