Jillian & Kyle’s Engagement

Jillian and Kyle wanted a Red Rocks engagement session… unfortunately, there was a concert at the venue that night! Luckily, having grown up in Littleton, Mathew knew the perfect place to capture this couple’s engagement near his childhood home. This park was full of walking trails and picturesque rock formations. Jillian and Kyle’s lighthearted nature glowed amongst the Colorado scenery. We know their destination wedding will be both lovely and lively!002-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 003-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 004-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 005-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 006-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 007-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 008-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 009-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 010-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 011-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 012-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 013-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 014-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 015-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement 016-Jillian-Kyle-Engagement