Jessica & Mike’s Washington Park Boathouse Wedding

“Just singin’ and dancin’ in the rain!” This classic song phrase really sums up Mike and Jessica’s beautiful Washington Park wedding. The morning began with hopes of clear skies as the fitful Colorado clouds rolled in – Jessica wasn’t quite ready to embrace a downpour for her outdoor ceremony. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the rain wouldn’t hold; the morning grew darker, the air heavier. That is, until just before the ceremony began… when all of a sudden, the sun burst out and shone like a cloud hadn’t been seen. Jessica walked down the aisle in a dress hand-made by her mother in law. Her dapper groom, Mike, waited patiently just beyond their DIY french doors. It was simply picturesque. All went perfectly as planned. Well, at least until the dancing was in full swing. That’s when the downpour began. Mike, Jessica, and many of their friends pranced into the torrents of rain. Nothing could damper their enjoyment! It’s clear that a little rain won’t ever ruin the party for these newlyweds.001-Jessica-Mike 002-Jessica-Mike 003-Jessica-Mike 004-Jessica-Mike 005-Jessica-Mike 006-Jessica-Mike 007-Jessica-Mike 008-Jessica-Mike 009-Jessica-Mike 010-Jessica-Mike 011-Jessica-Mike 012-Jessica-Mike 013-Jessica-Mike 014-Jessica-Mike 015-Jessica-Mike 016-Jessica-Mike 017-Jessica-Mike 018-Jessica-Mike 019-Jessica-Mike 020-Jessica-Mike 021-Jessica-Mike 022-Jessica-Mike 024-Jessica-Mike 025-Jessica-Mike 026-Jessica-Mike 027-Jessica-Mike 029-Jessica-Mike 030-Jessica-Mike 031-Jessica-Mike 033-Jessica-Mike 034-Jessica-Mike 035-Jessica-Mike 036-Jessica-Mike 037-Jessica-Mike 038-Jessica-Mike 039-Jessica-Mike 040-Jessica-Mikegallery-forward-new