Jessica & Clay – Fox Hollow Golf Course Wedding

   Jessica and Clay are always up for a laugh. When it came to their Fox Hollow Golf Course Wedding, it was no different. These newlyweds had the time of their lives… and it’s all thanks to their sunny attitudes and big hearts. Even rain was no match for these two! If your smile is the sun, your wedding is bound to have sunshine! These two also rocked DIY like we’ve never seen before. Love was poured into every wedding detail.

    Since I know that “do it yourself” is quite an interesting topic to most brides, we’ll begin there. Clay, a woodshop teacher, handmade the couple’s sweetheart table, engraving their initials in the center. This thoughtfully made piece, acted as a decor focal point for this sweet couple’s rustic-chic wedding. Clay also hand-carved cutting boards for each guest as their favor, with the help of his woodshop students! And this beautiful blush wedding wouldn’t have been quite the same without the pink peony bouquets and decor. Jessica and her family took a pre-wedding day trip to Trader Joe’s to scope out the seasonal blooms. Luckily, Trader Joe’s was carrying bunches and bunches of peonies in three pink shades! Jessica and her crew snatched up the lot and got to work creating gorgeous bouquets and lovely centerpieces. The bride and groom even adorned a great big “E” for Elkins with blush blooms. All of these DIY details made for a Denver Wedding Photographer’s dream.

    The handmade details were quite impressive, but most impressive of all was the couple’s wedding day attitude. Yes, they had planned an outdoor ceremony. Yes, Clay had build a wooden arch under which to get married – an arch that fit perfectly under the venue’s giant tree. Yes, it was downpouring rain as the couple did their first look. But did this dampen their excitement or even cause them to complain? It did not. Jessica wore a gorgeous smile as she made her way to the man she would marry, unperturbed by the droplets bombarding her updo, or turning the golf course into a mud puddle. Neither wet hair, nor a muddy hem was going to get in the way of Jessica’s bliss as she married the love of her life. Needless to say, Clay wore a jovial grin through the entire ordeal as well. And, their sunny attitudes paid off! Just before their ceremony, the rain diminished and the pair were married in sunlight005-Jess-Clay001-Jess-Clay003-Jess-Clay 004-Jess-Clay006-Jess-Clay 007-Jess-Clay 008-Jess-Clay 009-Jess-Clay 010-Jess-Clay 011-Jess-Clay 012-Jess-Clay 013-Jess-Clay 014-Jess-Clay 015-Jess-Clay 016-Jess-Clay 017-Jess-Clay 018-Jess-Clay 019-Jess-Clay 020-Jess-Clay 021-Jess-Clay 022-Jess-Clay 024-Jess-Clay 025-Jess-Clay 026-Jess-Clay 027-Jess-Clay 028-Jess-Clay 029-Jess-Clay 030-Jess-Clay 031-Jess-Clay033-Jess-Clay 034-Jess-Clay 035-Jess-Clay 036-Jess-Clay 037-Jess-Clay 038-Jess-Clay 039-Jess-Clay 040-Jess-Clay 041-Jess-Clay 043-Jess-Clay 044-Jess-Clay 045-Jess-Clay 046-Jess-Clay 047-Jess-Clay 048-Jess-Clay 049-Jess-Clay 050-Jess-Claygallery-forward-new