Jaden & Tiffany’s Fall Engagement Photography Session

Jaden and Tiffany started our fall engagement photography session off quite well – by bringing us a bottle of red wine! The autumn breeze ruffled the golden leaves and and rippled along the water. The gorgeous scene at Sloan’s Lake in Denver, the magnetic love between these two, and the thought of a glass of amber vino at the end of the night, made for a wonderful enagement session indeed! These two are both nurses who met during nursing school; you might call them nursing school sweethearts! Eliciting romantic poses between Jaden and Tiffany was like the lively November breeze; easy, refreshing, and comforting. We had a blast and simply cannot wait to capture their Denver wedding next fall!001-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 002-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 003-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 004-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 005-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 006-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 007-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 008-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 009-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 010-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 011-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 012-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 014-Jaden-Tiffany-engagement 015-Jaden-Tiffany-engagementgallery-forward-new