Jackie & Trevor’s Denver Wedding Photography

Trevor and Jackie: Denver Wedding Photography

When we arrived at Jackie’s hotel room the morning of her Denver wedding, it was filled with the hustle and bustle of all things feminine. Bouquets filled with pink and blush roses were being assembled as curling irons and perfume bottles were working double time. Flower girls twirled in their beautiful gowns as glistening gloss was applied to many a lip. It was like a gala of girlishness, and in the best of ways! And in the center of it all, was Jackie – calmly applying her makeup. It was clear that she was ready to marry the love of her life.

Just down the hall, it was a much different story. Trevor and the rest of the men relaxed with a drink or two, laughing over clipping on their bowties. But the groom was also as calm as could be… awaiting the moment he would get to see his beautiful bride.

The reveal happened in their neighborhood church, as Trevor stood at the alter, and Jackie approached him. Even the strongest of men would be hard-pressed to hold back his tears – and Trevor was no exception. At the site of his beautiful bride, Trevor was overcome with happiness.

A heartfelt and classic ceremony followed, then a quick couple’s portrait session on the grounds of venue. This couple’s country charm certainly did not go amiss… I don’t think this husband and wife could hide their country roots if they tried. Speaking of country charm, if you have never tried brown sugar cake, you absolutely have to! I had my first slice at Trevor and Jackie’s reception and was not disappointed. They had an entire dessert table filled with homemade sweets, but the brown sugar cake took the, well cake as my favorite! The flavor was much like this couple; sweet, charming, and a little bit country.

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