Heidi & Nick’s Colorado Wedding Photos

Nick & Heidi’s Colorado Wedding Photos  are full of joy and happiness!  This was our very first wedding day brunch and we must say it was fantastic. The intimidate affair was perfectly suited for the families.  The delicious breakfast pastries, loving stories, big smiles and heartfelt speeches warmed our hearts.

When we arrived at Nick and Heidi’s charming venue, The McCreery House, we were greeted with warmth and welcome immediately! Nick and Heidi have incredibly kind families… making their wedding stand out as one of the sweetest we have ever had the pleasure of documenting. We knew that Heidi would be missing her father, as she planned to keep him with her by cutting a heart out of one of his favorite shirts and sewing that into her wedding gown. Little did we know that Heidi had been going through another difficult ordeal, just weeks before her wedding day. She had been experiencing sever pain in her hip for months. A few weeks before she and Nick planned to tie the knot, the doctors discovered a tumor in her bones. Of course, this had to be removed immediately. Heidi underwent a stressful and painful surgery one week before her big day. Luckily, the tumor was benign! The only downside was that Heidi had to use a cane.

Heidi mentioned that at first, she felt vain about this necessity, but eventually realized that she could only be happy! She did not have cancer, she gets to share a wonderful event with her closest friends and family, and gets to marry her true love. And I must say, that despite the pain she was in, Heidi was one of kindest, most joyful brides I have ever met. She even busted out some pretty awesome dance moves!  We wish this couple the happiest of honeymoons in Belize, they both most certainly deserve it.

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