Heather and Mike- Washington Park Engagement

Heather and Mike’s Washington Park Engagement session occurred on a rainy Colorado afternoon. It may have been rainy, but it was also spring – and with spring comes beautiful blossoms. Mathew and I await spring’s blossoms all year long… like children waiting for their birthday to arrive, or (perhaps more fittingly) like a bride awaiting her wedding day. The blossoms come and go so quickly, making the enjoyment of them even more exquisite. While the trees are blooming, I could walk along for hours, just gazing at their prettiness and smelling their perfume. Almost nothing beats it.

Although the beautiful blossoms leant themselves to our enjoyment of Heather and Mike’s engagement photo shoot, they were certainly not the defining factor – Heather and Mike were. Heather is a Special Education Teacher and Mike runs heavy machinery in an oil field. These two are hard workers, but with a fun side! Mike had us all laughing the entire time… cracking jokes ranging in topic from wedding planning to the ducks gliding on the lake. I can’t claim to remember the jokes themselves, but I certainly remember that my cheeks hurt from laughing come the end of the photography session. These two have a lifetime of laughter awaiting them.
Heather and Mike’s wedding day at the Lions Gate Inn will be one of gleeful jokes and loving moments. Just as this couple has overcome obstacles to find their bliss, the rain drifts through to reveal spring’s blossoms. Yes, the clouds blotted out the sun on their engagement session day, but they certainly had no impact on our laughter. And, the rain only amplifies the sweet perfume of the April blooms. 001-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment003-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment005-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 006-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment  008-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 009-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 010-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 011-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 012-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment004-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagment 013-Heather-Mike-Wash-Park-Engagmentgallery-forward-new