Grant-Humphreys Bridal Show 2014 | Grant Humphreys Mansion Weddings

Grant-Humphreys Mansion Weddings: Quality Hill’s Premier Bridal Show

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

The scents of wedding cake and bridal bouquets danced across the breeze as Mathew and I approached The Grant Humphreys Mansion this morning. The elegant ivory columns framed luscious floral arrangements at the Mansion’s entrance. A clear picture was painted of a previous Grant Humphreys Mansion weddings. Upon entering, we were treated to the view of stylishly artful crown molding and wainscoting. The Grant-Humphreys Mansion was built at the turn of the century in the Beaux-Arts style, borrowing elements from the high architectural periods of the ancient world and Renaissance Europe, creating an atmosphere of old world charm and romantic beauty. As Denver wedding photographers, the high style and romance of this venue is never lost on us.  Photographing this mansion is always a dream. 

The Grant-Humphreys Mansion is the perfect place to get married – and we would know! Last September, Mathew and I basked in the splendor of this sophisticated and historical Denver venue for our very own wedding day. We know that it can difficult to make decisions when it comes to your one and only wedding day; should your dessert bar be 10 feet long or 15 feet long? Should you use “Gangnam Style” or “The Cupid Shuffle” as your interactive group dance? Should your signature drink be a vodka concoction or a rum blend? Our venue selection, however, came almost as easily as our selection of each other. The Grant-Humphrey’s mansion is located in our neighborhood and has a façade of peach and ivory (those very colors that were already chosen for our wedding shades). No venue could have been as perfect for our special day as this one. And we were not disappointed! The staff made our Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion weddings run as smoothly as the satin wrap on my peach bouquet.

But today, we graced the rooms of the mansion for a very different reason… The Grant Humphreys Mansion plays host to the Quality Hill Bridal Show every year. Today we had the privilege of revisiting this romantic location to view the city’s best vendors.  We sampled crudités, sliders, cupcakes, and mousses. We reminisced as we entered the beautiful ballroom, in which we danced our first dance as husband and wife, and we got to photograph the beauty of this fabulous Denver wedding venue.  The yearly Quality Hill Bridal Show will always be a reminder of our Grant Humphreys Mansion wedding.

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