Erin & Matt – Boettcher Mansion Wedding

On the day of Erin and Matt’s Boettcher Mansion Wedding, fog clung to the venue like smoke hovering above a flame. It was as if we had entered one of those old Chinese watercolors – the ones depicting the misty mountain tops of ancient Asia. It may not have been the sunny June day the couple had hoped for, but it was overwhelmingly romantic nonetheless.

The cottony mist enveloped everything in sight. It was absolutely gorgeous. There was only one problem… with fog often comes rain. Since this outdoorsy couple was planning a ceremony on the mansion’s patio, the plans had to be changed. Luckily, in addition to being outdoorsy, Erin and Matt are also sweet and easygoing. What mattered to the bride and groom most was that they were getting married. The fact that the ceremony had to be moved inside didn’t phase them at all. They even managed a touching behind the door gift exchange amongst the hustle and bustle of the transitioning ceremony space.

Erin looked like romance embodied in her lace Watters gown from Anna Be Bridal and pearls gifted to her by her mother. Their ceremony was perfection and their reception was a blast! From the delicious family style dinner served up by Relish Caterers to the bicycle cake created by 5 Star Bakery, the party went off without a hitch. The newlyweds even got to share a scoop of ice cream from the Sweet Cow ice cream stand that arrived at their wedding as dancing began to wind down. I think I remember Erin and Matt telling us how much they loved ice cream the very first time we met them. What a perfect way to end a foggy day – with a shared taste of the thing you love most. Marriage sure is sweet.

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