Erin & Cody’s Rocky Mountain Anniversary Session

These Floridians wanted a Colorado photography adventure and we think that’s what they got! Cody and Erin traveled to the Rocky Mountains for their first anniversary and planned to commemorate the event with some scenic images. These college sweethearts selected Rocky Mountain National Park as venue to their romantic adventure photos. And this pair made our jobs so very easy – they adored each other, it was clear. They loved holding hands, loved kissing, loved gazing at each other. Capturing romance was like the mountain breeze; effortless and refreshing. And, as promised, some excitement was sprinkled in amongst the romantic evening… we saw a bear! As a Denver wedding photography duo, we often hike into the wilderness for scenic shots, but we have never once come across a predatory animal (until Cody and Erin’s shoot, that is). The bear lumbered by only a few yards away – it was terrifying. Luckily, it wanted nothing to do with us and all was well. Plus, we’re happy to say that Cody and Erin got the romantic adventure they had hoped for.079-Erin-Cody 080-Erin-Cody 081-Erin-Cody 082-Erin-Cody 083-Erin-Cody 084-Erin-Cody 085-Erin-Cody 086-Erin-Cody 087-Erin-Cody 088-Erin-Cody 089-Erin-Cody 090-Erin-Cody 091-Erin-Cody 092-Erin-Cody 093-Erin-Cody 094-Erin-Cody 095-Erin-Cody 096-Erin-Cody 097-Erin-Cody 098-Erin-Cody 099-Erin-Cody 100-Erin-Cody 101-Erin-Cody 102-Erin-Cody 103-Erin-Cody105-Erin-Cody 106-Erin-Cody 107-Erin-Cody 108-Erin-Codygallery-forward-new