Planning Your Engagement Session

So, you and your prince charming have selected your photographer… congratulations!  Now you are wondering, “what on earth will we do for our engagement session?” As wedding photographers, Mathew and I know the importance of the engagement session. But, as a recently married couple, we Irvings understand the unquestionable significance of coming up with the perfect engagement photo ideas. This is not simply a time for you to get to know your photographers before your big day or to show off your gorgeous engagement ring. It’s also possible that you will be using one of your engagement photos on your save the date card, or on some form of stationary on your very big day. But most importantly, your engagement photos are something you will have forever – a time capsule of your relationship during that magical time of fiancée and fiancé. Carefully selected engagement photography ideas can show off your personality as a couple, showcase your love story, and set the tone for your upcoming nuptials.


1. Create a Pinterest board: The first thing we always recommend to our couples is that they create a “engagement photo ideas” Pinterest board. Take some time to peruse other engagement photos and pin any that you like… for any reason. Comment on why you like this photo. Is it the lighting? The emotion that was captured? The colors? The props? Just a feeling you get when you look at it? Once you have pinned a handful of photos you should be able to identify a common theme, element, or aesthetic. Make sure to incorporate this into your own engagement session. Mathew and I consider Pinterest board consultations on engagement photo ideas a must. Not only do we get a feel for our couple before we even start, we can choose locations that will provide the backdrop they have been dreaming of. We can recommend props or venues that seem to spark their interest. We can recommend a wardrobe that suites the engagement photo vision.


2. Choose Your Perfect Wardrobe: Another important component in bringing to life your ideal engagement photo session is choosing your perfect wardrobe. First and foremost, your wardrobe should be something you are comfortable in. Your wardrobe should say, “this is me, world!” You might purchase a brand new accessory or two, but stick with your wardrobe staples. Do you have a pair of jeans that makes your butt look amazing? Wear them! You want to look like you… a slightly more glamorous version of you. You will also want to pay attention to clothing colors in your “engagement photo ideas” Pinterest board. If all of the photos you pinned show couples clad in white, wear… white! If your couples don neutrals with one pop of color, see what you have in your wardrobe that can mimic that look. If pastels are splashed across your Pinterst board, pull out your baby blues and eggshell yellows. The colors of your wardrobe can set the tone of your engagement session just as much as your backdrop.


3. Enjoy Your Precious Time: Planning a wedding can be stressful! Planning a wedding takes up a lot of time. So, no matter what your engagement session entails, enjoy yourself. Think of it as a scheduled block of “you” time. Its just you and your favorite person in the world, enjoying each other’s company for a good two hours. You don’t need to be a statue at your engagement photography session. Chat about how excited you are to get married! Joke about some of your sillier moments as a couple. Think about how much you love each other as you look into each other’s eyes for the hundredth picture. The more you enjoy each other as you pose for your photos, the happier you’ll be with the final product… guaranteed.