Engagement Photography in Denver | Matthew & Ashley

For Ashley & Matt’s engagement photography in Denver we choose to head downtown. It was a beautiful, warm, spring-like evening and luckily, we had an engagement session planned! We began Ashley and Matthew’s engagement session with the golden evening light streaming through the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ iconic arch. In other words, the evening began like something an engagement photographer in Denver dreams about. Ashley works at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, so it seemed only fitting to begin our photography extravaganza at the location.

Our couple, two Denver based actors, put their on-stage experience to very good use, posing expertly in the dimming mile high, evening light. Their confidence in front of the camera and their love for one another impressed my Denver engagement photographer husband to no end… and my job of artistic director/couple poser suddenly became much easier with this fabulous couple on the other end of the lens!

Needless to say, being an engagement photographer becomes infinitely more exciting with live animals involved! Ashley and Matt’s adorable pup, Charlie, added an element of fun to this sophisticated downtown shoot. Charlie was absolutely adorable – I think I got more kisses than Ashley did on Friday – and they weren’t from my husband! As the sun went down, my husband captured our charismatic couple walking their sweet dog (or was he walking them?) with the Denver skyline as backdrop.

The evening ended as wonderfully as it began. The sun had set on our scenic city but Denver refrained from pulling one of its infamous temperature switch ups… it was still warm and breezy and we were able to capture several sunless shots. We even got to chat about our favorite stage musicals. Ashley is partial to The Last Five Years while Matt prefers anything written by Gilbert and Sullivan (The couple met performing in a Gilbert and Sullivan show, by the way). You just can’t go wrong with downtown Denver, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, a warm spring evening, a happy hound, and a fantastic couple!

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