Courtney & Brody’s Hudson Garden Wedding

Courtney and Brody’s beautiful vintage-inspired DIY wedding was nostalgic, personal, and fun! The Hudson Gardens was the perfect venue for the old world event. Garden weddings just make a woman feel like a little girl again; imagining her wedding among the blooms (or is that just me?). This couple’s eye for detail was evident everywhere we turned… from the old-fashioned typewriter to the broach bouquets. Speaking of bouquets, they were a family affair – fashioned from both heirloom pieces and collected ones and lovingly put together by Courtney, her mother, and her grandmother.


Daisy’s Front Porch created stunning floral arrangements, beautifully combining the coral and mint wedding colors, Azucar whipped up and elegant cake, and Biscuits and Berries wowed with their flawless service all night long. You only need to glance at the pictures to know that Courtney was drop-dead gorgeous in her Robert Bullock Gown from The Little White Dress Shop and that Brody was quite the looker in his Joseph Abboud attire.

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