Claire & Jarred’s Denver Engagement Photos

How did he propose? He surprised me! He flew to Florida “last minute” to spend the weekend with me (I used to live there for residency). We decided to go to St. Augustine for the night, his favorite city to visit. We went exploring as usual and went to check out the lighthouse which is one of the first in the country. He proposed at the top at sunset.

My dad passed away almost 4 years ago. He knew how close we were. He asked my mom what my dad said during their proposal and said the same to me, “Will you marry me and be the mother of my children?” Of course, I had heard my parents proposal many times before and cried at the thought that he said the exact same thing. We checked out a local Italian restaurant and neighboring piano bar to celebrate. We wondered the streets that night to find ourself at a bed and breakfast he had previously booked.

Mathew & Ariel: This session was just so much fun! Getting to spend the afternoon/evening with this couple as we traveled to their favorite spots, for their Denver engagement photos. We quickly learned that Jarred is quite a popular guy and seemed to know everyone, everywhere we went… We wish them the very best wedding in their home state!

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