Chris & Laura’s Wedding


Chris & Laura’s Wedding

Photography by Mathew Irving – Written by Ariel Irving

I will always remember Chris and Laura’s wedding as an energetic, family filled, slightly rainy event. I don’t think this photographer will ever forget the sight of two young boys sharing an umbrella as they walked off into the distance. Ah… those moments just meant to be captured on camera! But don’t get me wrong- those two adorable boys didn’t steal the spotlight. No one could compete with this beautiful bride and handsome groom. Their million dollar smiles kept our cameras happily clicking throughout the event. It certainly didn’t hurt to have the mountainous backdrop at our disposal. As a photographer, I couldn’t ask for much more.

… or at least I didn’t realize I could ask for more, until this fun-loving couple pulled out their amazingly entertaining props: goofy glasses, disguise noses, boas, and bottles of bubbles. This fabulous family and lighthearted couple made it so easy for this photographer to capture the fun vibe of this delightful wedding. Almost every guest in attendance joined in on the fun! (I’m sure the flowing margaritas had absolutely nothing to do with that). Whether they boogied in glasses or got down in disguise, the guests were having just as much fun as the happy couple.

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