Anthony and Amanda- Wedding Photography, Colorado

Anthony and Amanda – Denver Church Wedding

Photography by Mathew Irving Written by Ariel Irving

We were very excited about this wedding – and a bit nervous. The excitement and nerves came from one very adorable and very important fact; Amanda and Anthony were saving their first kiss for the altar. As wedding photographers, we felt very honored that we were chosen to capture this cherished moment. That is where the excitement came in… we knew it would be beautifully touching. On the other hand, we felt added pressure to get that perfect first kiss shot. Of course, we always focus on capturing every special moment at a wedding, and that bit of nerves serves us well. But this time, the pressure was on! The kiss was the kiss! Our excitement only grew when we arrived at this Denver church wedding. We were absolutely astounded at the beauty of the sanctuary. The stained glass, statues, and lighting features were breathtaking. We knew this would be the perfect setting for Amanda and Anthony’s first kiss.

As Amanda slipped into her gown and tied her gray converse (chosen to match her gray beaded bridal belt), Anthony and the guys played foosball just on the other side of the majestic sanctuary… all of who were wearing converse of course.  Once everyone was properly primped and all converse laces were tied into neat bows, Anthony and Amanda took a moment to pray together – separated only by a wooden door. This was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire day. There wasn’t a dry eye on either side of the door.

And then, it was finally time. It was time for the wedding ceremony and ultimately the kiss. And everything went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful and the stained glass was the perfect backdrop. The kiss was heartwarming and we clicked away, yielding pictures almost as beautiful as the moment we were capturing.  The bridal party even got to sit on the church steps and show off their fancy footwear! Anthony and Amanda’s church ceremony epitomized wedding photography. Colorado was luck to host such  a sweet wedding and we were the lucky photographers who got to document their very first kiss and then many many other kisses as well.Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-001 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-002 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-003 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-004 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-005 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-006 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-007 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-008 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-009 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-010 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-011 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-012 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-013 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-014 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-015 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-016 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-017 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-018 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-019 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-020  Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-022 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-023 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-021Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-024 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-025 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-026 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-027 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-028 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-029 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-030 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-031 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-032 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-033 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-034 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-035 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-036 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-037 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-038 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-039 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-040 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-041 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-042 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-043 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-044 Irving-Photography-denver-church-wedding-045Gallery-Forward