Alyssa & Sebastian’s Winter Engagement Photos

Winter engagement pictures are stunning; the frosty white, the exposed tree branches, the extra cuddling it all induces. The only downside? Bone-chilling cold. Alyssa and Sebastian were brave enough to face Rocky Mountain National Park in the dead of winter for the winter engagement pictures they’d been dreaming of. Despite the chilling winds and far-below-freezing temperates, these sweethearts never stopped smiling! There wasn’t even a complaint… just loving looks and excited giggles. Sebastian’s romantic proposal at DIA (upon Alyssa’s arrival home after a business trip) wasn’t the end of his sweetness – he kept Alyssa warm for the whole shoot, taking care that she was comfortable at all times. And that extra cuddling to fend off the chill? These two certainly took advantage of that. 002-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 003-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 004-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 005-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 006-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 007-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 008-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 009-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 010-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 011-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 012-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 013-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 014-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 015-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement 016-Alyssa-Sebastian-Engagement gallery-forward-new